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02 March 2011 @ 08:47 pm
Remember this challenge? It was extended for an extra week and even after two weeks of sitting around, only six entries (by three makers, I believe) ever came in. (Thanks to those of you who actually entered.) People haven't been picking up their banners, either. We're generally a ghost town at this point.

Since then I've been letting this community sit around because of low participation. But I'd like to know what you guys think. I could either:

a) put the comm on hiatus until April-ish or May-ish or whenever people have more time to be around,
b) ask you guys to help me pimp this place out and look for fresh participants (I'll be on the lookout for places to shamelessly plug the community as well)

Which one would you rather we do? Remember, your opinion matters more than mine! All I do is manage, but you guys are the ones who really keep this place going. ♥ I could go either way right now. :)
13 February 2011 @ 03:18 pm

Because only 6 entries have come in, challenge 013 is being extended for another week. Entries are now due on Saturday, February 19th @ 10 PM EST. Go to this post to view and enter the challenge.
11 February 2011 @ 12:07 am
What a round! Turnout was excellent--the best we've had in a while--and every single entry was stunning. I'm sure it was tough on our voters to choose their favorites. In fact, we ended up having a 3-way tie for Most Original (technically the tie was broken with a second round of voting, but the votes came so close I decided it was best to consider it, for all intents and purposes, a tie).

Congrats to the winners! Winners, please leave a comment to let me know when you pick up your banner(s).

First place, Most Original, Best Color: invicta (for two icons)
Second place: alex494
Third place: misst89
Most Original & Best Crop: library_of_sex (for two icons)
Best Themed: alex494
Mod's Choice: beatsagain

pick up banners hereCollapse )
- - - - - -

IMPORTANT NOTE: I was thinking of making one change to the way we vote on the winners of every challenge. How would you guys feel if we instituted a rule that no one voter may cast a vote for the same icon twice? (For instance, you really like icon #14 and want it to win first place AND best crop, you can only vote for it in one of those categories.) This would help prevent an icon from winning multiple places, and it would open up awards to more pieces. Let me know what you think in a comment to this entry!

- - - - - -

Keep entering challenge 013 ("doubled") HERE!
10 February 2011 @ 10:23 pm

Reminder--entries to challenge 013 ("doubled") are due in about two days! We only have 4 entries so far. Go to this post to view and enter the challenge.
08 February 2011 @ 05:19 pm
Hey, guys, votes have stopped coming in for a while now, and some clear winners are emerging, so I'm whipping out a tiebreaker round!

If any of these icons are yours, DO NOT VOTE IN THAT CATEGORY.

Pick an icon to win third place:
1 2 3

one more behind the cutCollapse )